(collaboration with branding consultant)

Typology Commercial/ F&B
Location Singapore
Year 2016
Status Completed
Size 350 sqm

Porta is the result of a re-branding exercise that Park Hotel Group undertook with us to re-imagine how a versatile all-day dining concept for a hotel with limited space could look like. Without the luxury of having multiple restaurants and offerings within the hotel premise, the challenge was therefore to imbue flexibility within the space itself.

We worked closely our branding consultant and the hotel's operations and culinary teams, and looked at the interaction and flow of different activities that take place in a kitchen throughout the day before optimizing, re-mapping and re-creating a one-of-a-kind cold preparation area that supported buffet replenishment, retail displays and even a butcher station

This allows the restaurant to transform its setup seamlessly, from buffet in the morning to quick lunch solutions to engaging retail offerings and to bar options in the evening.

Together with our branding consultant, we drew inspirations from the historicity of the area and personified Porta as a mysterious but well-traveled purveyor of fine food and spices from all over the world – a narrative that is expressed through every space and detail. Thematically, the different spaces within the restaurant exude strong symbolism and branding of voyage and exploration.