Typology Master planning/ Architecture/ Hospitality
2017 -
In progress
7.02 ha

Sited in the northern half of the Maldives, the 150 villas are located within one of the largest coral atolls of the Republic. To circumvent the challenge of developing a meaningful establishment along an island that is too narrow, we were overnight, propelled into the novice task of beach reclamation, flight-path navigation and arrival-by-sea mappings. Efficient spatial planning, which considers the synergy placement of buildings ensures that more can be built without overcrowding the island, whilst Intelligent concealment and exacting isolation of structures create the illusion of an island that is far larger. To add to these discreet architectural gestures, features in the form of careful sightlines capture quintessential vistas.

Born from a powerful conviction that the development must invest in the environment without destabilising it, while maintaining the greatest respect for its context, we drew our overarching concept from the formation of atolls, and made space to incorporate the vernacular, flora, fauna and culture of the Maldives. As a resort island, where man-made features must remain subservient to the natural landscape, destruction of the existing is minimised. Through the transplantation and recycling of trees, the re-introduction and rejuvenation of native species with “plant a coral” opportunity, the resort succeeds in opening a destination for guests to feel naturally and intimately closer to Mother Nature.