Typology Residential Complex
Location Papua New Guinea
Year 2015
Status Completed
Size 2,400 sqm

Situated at the end of a cul-de-sac of a prime neighborhood, Gannett 2 is an additional development to existing cluster housing owned by our Client. 

When the adjoining land was put up for sale, Owner purchased it and commissioned Genesis Architects to carry out design works to amalgamate and develop Gannett 2. 

Taking that into consideration, we developed a single entry into the site, and a roundabout circulation to enhance the communality of the amalgamated development. The new housing massing is further adjusted for optimum climatic responses. 

The unit type and mix are developed and driven by critical understanding of social/ cultural needs as well as spatial efficiency. 

Deliberate design attempts are also made to ensure Gannett 2 blends in with the earlier housing block to form a unified whole.

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