Typology Medium Density Luxury Housing
Location Papua New Guinea
Year 2014
Status Completed
Size 2.2 ha

Papua New Guinea has enjoyed sustained economic growth, urbanization and modernization in the last decade. And the expatriate community has also correspondingly increased alongside business opportunities.

Genesis Architects was commissioned by a Multi-National Company (MNC) based in Lae to oversee the design and development of Sanctuary Estate – a premium residential complex intended for expatriates.

Our Client’s focus was on maximizing land utilization, providing varied unit types for an inclusive and vibrant community, and creating a sense of home away from home.

Based on local urban planning guidelines, micro-climatic and cultural conditions, we created an inward-looking village that is modern and luxurious – complete with the conveniences of contemporary urban living.

The Clubhouse boasts of amenities such as gymnasium, spa and bakery that are accessible to public; and serves as an interface between residents within as well as the larger expatriate community in the area.

Sanctuary Estate sets a new precedent and standard for contemporary and luxurious residential apartment design, and has been heralded as prime real estate in the heart of Lae.