(collaboration with branding consultant)

Typology A&A / Commercial/ Interior
Location Taiwan
Year 2017
Status Completed
Size 500 sqm

Commissioned by a prominent singer-songwriter based in Taiwan as his newly established production hub, JFJ HQ fulfills his vision of advancing his core business functions of media and entertainment production, while simultaneously housing his innovative and cutting-edge broadcasting technologies.

Collectively, the production room, control room and performing studio form the “heart” of this project. We strategically positioned them in the middle of the space, and subjected them to several iterations responding to space constraints and operational requirements. The final form of the heart becomes more organic, and was further tilted to accommodate functional uses along its periphery, and introduce dynamism into the overall layout.

A private office is inserted as a mezzanine floor, and is connected to the heart via a bridge that also overlooks the staff office, forming an important visual and visceral connection between the artist, his team and his work.

Tucked in one corner of the space – and nearest to the pedestrian traffic junction – is a new offering of takeaway coffee for the greater community and his fans.

Light and materiality are used to sculpt an experiential environment: light, clean and futuristic – emphasizing movement and life, as well as blurring the lines between private and public spaces.